Understand customer behaviour - benchmark locations

With increasing success of online banks, convential retail banks face the challenge to operate stores efficient and customer friendly.

sensalytics offers all necessary tools to track store frequency, to calculate conversion rates between self service areas and service counters. Dwell time tracking for queues, ATMs and info terminals are the ideal foundation for benchmarking a location.

Features and Insights

  • People Counting
  • Location Benchmark
  • Queue Analysis
  • Conversion between self service area and service counters
  • Utilisation of ATMs
  • Compare stores and time frame (e.g. "around ultimo")
  • Optimize opening hours
  • Cost savings through store consolidation
  • Retrieve conversion rates

Solutions for banks and savings banks

Compare your branches, optimize your staffing, check the frequency in the self-service area, adjust the opening hours, consolidate and expand the store network. The decision-making basis for this is provided by People Counting by sensalytics.

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Counting visitors was yesterday: with Path Analytics from sensalytics you know exactly how many customers were at the ATM, how many went in addition to the statement printer and how many visitors were(/went to) at the counter as service customers. This information allows you to tailor your local affiliates to the needs of your customers.

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