Live-Data from your event

Visitor frequency is essential to evalute the success of an event. Furthermore it is important while the event is going on: the location, a building or room should not be overcrowded for security reasons. It is important to real-time data at first hand.

Our modern, easy-to-install sensors are the foundation of accurate people counting. The innovative and easy-to-use software platform allows analysis exact to the minute. Furthermore it allows event organizers to be notified upon exceeding or falling below threshold values. Actions can be triggered upon these events.

Analysing and evaulating an event based on ticket sales only gives a rough impression of the event. Accurate people counting gives you a much wider impression: when did the stream of people peak? Whats the course over time? How does utilisation correlate to event program points? etc.

Features and Insights

  • People Counting
  • Comparison of various locations and halls/rooms
  • Dynamic Utilisation always at first hand
  • Direct utilisation check
  • Notifications upon exceeding or falling below threshold values via SMS, eMail and further services
  • Extended Analytics for success evaluation

Solutions for events

The success of an event is measured by the number of visitors. With People Counting by sensalytics you can now track all your visitors, record their gender and compare the numbers with previous events.

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Keep an eye on the utilization of your event space or other critical spaces, inside or outside, with sensalytics. You can see the filling level of your current event live in the portal and in the app. We furthermore inform you by mail or SMS about critical levels.

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