Outlet Centers

Track visitors and compare turn-in rates

As an operator of an outlet center, sensalytics helps you to keep an eye on the events in your area. Our smart sensors capture in real-time the passers-by of your outlet the visitors of specific areas and the actual VISITOR NUMBERS of your brands.

The insights gained with sensalytics represent the FOUNDATION OF STRATEGIC DECISIONS for you as the outlet operator, assist you in the selection of spaces for new tenants and support you in charging your rents.

With sensalytics, you also have an efficient way to record the REVENUE DATA of your tenants and thus obtain an all-around vision. From now on incorporate CONVERSION-RATES AND TOTAL SALES into your decisions.

Features and Insights

  • Passers-by tracking in different areas
  • Visitor counting at the entrance of retailers
  • Sales data via "Plug & Play"
  • Capture- and conversion rate
  • Increase revenue
  • Optimize shopping behaviour
  • More satisfied visitors
  • 360° view for the center management

Solutions for Outlet Centers

The collection and evaluation of footfall data on the entire site, indoor as well as outdoor, are the basis of every outlet center analysis. Combined with sensors within the shops of your tenants, sensalytics delivers you an overall picture of the distribution of visitors on your property.

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A complete conversion funnel requires sales data. The big challenge here is the economic and prompt data integration of “heterogeneous“ cash systems, especially for regularly changing tenants. The POS tapping box helps to solve this problem: the box picks up all receipts in the normal print process without disturbing the receipt and provides you with structured sales data in real time.

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