Understanding customer behaviour - benchmark stores

sensalytics supports brick and mortal retail in optimizing their processes through people counting and retail analytics. Modern people counting technology, dwell time tracking and hot spot analysis give retailers metrics to optimize and benchmark their operations.

Modern sensalytics hardware and an innovative, easy-to-use software portal provide an offering for insights that are up-to-date with the tools of online trading.

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Features and Insights

  • People Counting
  • Location Benchmark
  • HotSpots and Store Area Analytics
  • Reporting of product sellings and revenue
  • Customer Classification
  • Compare stores and time frames
  • Optimize staffing
  • Evaluate marketing campaigns
  • Evaluate new store concepts
  • Decrease costs
  • Retrieve capture and conversion rates

Solutions for retail

Sensalytics People Counting is the perfect basic equipment for every retailer, chain store and franchiser. Benefit from the analytical depth and exceptional accuracy in real time.

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Go two steps further: Group your visitors according to “prospects“, “buyers“, “consulting customers“ or however you imagine. sensalytics Path Analytics gives you a unique view of your clientele and lets you measure your frequency in an unprecedented way.

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Connect your frequency data with your sales data with sensalytics and determine the conversion rate, average receipt, top products etc. The complete conversion funnel gives you a complete picture of your business, your customers and your sales.

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