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Cleaning On Demand

Reduce your cleaning costs on a permanent basis by cleaning on demand, rather than at specified intervals.

Automatic notification

Immediately after an individual threshold is exceeded, your cleaning teams will receive a notification.

Digitalize your cleaning audit

Through beacons on cleaning trolleys, the cleaning times of your sanitary facilities are automatically tracked and logged.

Increase customer satisfaction

Constantly clean toilets and shorter downtime make your visitors happier.

Higher customer satisfaction and lower costs

State-of-the-art sensors and a real-time analytics platform make cleaning on-demand of sanitary facilities a walk-over. Our smart 3D sensors continuously transmit visitor numbers of your sanitary rooms to our platform where they are monitored in real-time. As a facility manager, sensalytics will inform you or your cleaning team, whenever a sanitary room need to be cleaned. This allows you to ideally manage your personnel deployment and use resources intelligently.

Digital cleaning board with automatic tracking

Place our SENSALYTICS-BEACONS on the cleaning trolleys to automatically track the cleaning times. From now on, our SMART 3D SENSORS automatically record the entry and exit times of the cleaning trolleys into the sanitary room. Define individual designations for each beacon in our platform, so you automatically receive a DIGITAL CLEANING BOARD.

Use cases

Schedule and dispose the cleaning staff for hundreds of sanitary facilities on your premises more efficiently and thereby reduce your cleaning costs. At the same time increase the satisfaction of your visitors and guests through constantly clean sanitary facilities. With sensalytics Managed Cleaning, needs-based cleaning is a piece of cake.

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The sensors Managed Cleaning

3D sensor

High-precision tracking with overhead installation

The 3D sensor is the allrounden in real world tracking. It allows people tracking down to the centimeter and second. People paths can be tracked along thousands of square meters.

3D sensors are the raw data source for your Path Analytics solution. Obviously they can also count people and passer-bys. In addition, the 3D sensors - without further hardware installation - also determine the gender of the visitors, which allows more in-depth analysis.

The 3D sensor is 100% GDPR compliant.

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