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Always knowing what’s going on

With sensalytics you always have the occupancy within your location available – even on your smartphone.

Respond to changes early on

Our system works in real time, so you can always know about the current situation and react in a timely manner.

Receive notification if a threshold is exceeded

Define individual thresholds and let you be notified automatically as soon as they are exceeded.

Control signal and audio systems

Connect existing signal and audio systems and get information about critical levels directly on site.

Keep control and react quickly

Since sensalytics works in real-time, you have full control over the occupancy of your spaces at all times. This enables you to always react in time. Therefore, sensalytics informs you and your employees without delay via web service, e-mail or SMS.

Existing signal and audio systems can also be controlled. Use already established systems on site and inform your employees about announcements on their headsets or display information about the current level with an indicator light.

Digital access control via indicator light

The sensalytics platform offers an easy way to control access via a digital light indicator. This intuitive display is available as a standard view within the sensalytics platform and can serve as basic information for your staff to take appropriate steps. Furthermore, it is possible to display this digital traffic light directly to your customers via screens. This way you create a simple and automatic access control and can reduce the personnel deployment.

Notifications to your smartphone

Define any threshold values for all your locations that you would like to be notified about automatically. Use this service to improve service quality and customer satisfaction and to recognize critical fill levels early.

You get the notifications in real time conveniently on your smartphone: No matter where you are, you are always informed. Derive the correct measures from the notifications and instruct your staff accordingly.

Use cases

Equip your stores with sensors from sensalytics and inform your staff in real time as soon as a critical level is reached. Concentrate on your core business, especially in times of danger of epidemics or other security-relevant restrictions, and do without manual and error-prone counting: sensalytics increases accuracy and reduces costs.

Equip your canteen or company restaurant with real-time sensors from sensalytics and always keep an eye on the current fill level in order to meet maximum occupancy requirements. Our API allows you to integrate the data in real time into apps, the intranet and websites to inform your employees about the current situation.

Keep an eye on the utilization of your event space or other critical spaces, inside or outside, with sensalytics. You can see the fill level of your current event live in the portal and in the app. We also inform you by mail or SMS about critical levels.

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The sensors for Occupancy Management

3D sensor

High-precision tracking with overhead installation

The 3D sensor is the allrounden in real world tracking. It allows people tracking down to the centimeter and second. People paths can be tracked along thousands of square meters.

3D sensors are the raw data source for your Path Analytics solution. Obviously they can also count people and passer-bys. In addition, the 3D sensors - without further hardware installation - also determine the gender of the visitors, which allows more in-depth analysis.

The 3D sensor is 100% GDPR compliant.

Light barriers

Wireless installation without power supply

The bi-directional, wireless infrared-based people counter reaches an accuracy of about 98%.

The installation barely takes ten minutes and there is no need for structural changes. The people counter is battery-driven and does not need a power supply at the counting point. The data is sent via radio to a LoRaWAN gateway. The range is several hundred meters. The counter is immediately ready after installation. From then on, you may comfortably track and analyze your visitors with the sensalytics portal or app.

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