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Track your visitor frequency

Track you passers-by and visitors with almost absolute accuracy analyse your turn-in-rate.

Benchmark your stores

Cluster your store to benchmarks, compare then and analyse the performance.

Weather and holiday data

Your people counting data is always enriched with location-based weather and holiday information.

Evaluate your marketing campaign

Track your marketing campaign success based on your passer-by and visitor counts.

The fundamental of decision making

Thanks to the combination of an exceptional sensor portfolio and an extremely powerful analysis platform, sensalytics detects your passers-by and visitors as well as resulting turn-in rates with almost absolute accuracy. This will give you the funnel you need as a foundation for strategic decisions. Coupled with gender classification, the system also shows you which gender groups your visitors are split into.

Use Cases

sensalytics People Counting is the perfect basic equipment for every retailer, chain store and franchiser. Benefit from the analytical depth and exceptional accuracy in real time.

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With little effort, you can get conversions in your shopping center on three levels: passers-by, center visitors and shop visitors. Track exactly which shops make the most of your center frequency.

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The collection and evaluation of footfall data on the entire site, indoor as well as outdoor, are the basis of every outlet center analysis. Combined with sensors within the shops of your tenants, sensalytics gives you an overall picture of the distribution of your visitors on your property.

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The retail area of your airport is a grouping of shopping centers. Passengers stay in this closed area for several hours. With sensalytics, you can track the frequency in your “shopping center cluster“ and monitor the turn-in rates to optimally place your retail space.

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Compare your branches, optimize your staffing, check the frequency in the self-service area, adjust the opening hours, consolidate and expand the store network. The decision-making basis for this is provided by People Counting by sensalytics.

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Related solutions

Extend your people counting by integrating revenue data and complete your conversion funnel! Combine revenue in time & budget and “out-of-the-box“ with frequency data with the POS Tapping Box. The box seizes all receipts in the normal print process, without disturbing the receipt printing. No structural changes or adjustments are necessary. Register to box. Box to printer. That's it.

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With Path Analytics you don’t only count people, you categorize them and get a completely new view on your footfall data. Filter employees/staff and suppliers from the “visit noise“. With Path Analytics you can see in dynamic heat maps the routes of “buyers“, “prospects“, “involved“ or how you would like to call the visitors. Combined with passers-by numbers, sociodemographic information (gender) and revenue, your data universe is complete.

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The sensors for people counting

3D sensor

High-precision tracking with overhead installation

The 3D sensor is the allrounden in real world tracking. It allows people tracking down to the CENTIMETER AND SECOND. People paths can be tracked along THOUSANDS OF SQUARE METERS.

3D sensors are the raw data source for your PATH ANALYTICS SOLUTION. Obviously they can also count people and passer-bys. In addition, the 3D sensors - without further hardware installation - also DETERMINE THE GENDER OF THE VISITORS, which allows more in-depth analysis.

The 3D sensor is 100% GDPR compliant.

Light barriers

Wireless installation without power supply

The bi-directional, wireless infrared-based people counter reaches an accuracy of about 98%.

The installation barely takes ten minutes and there is NO NEED FOR STRUCTURAL CHANGES. The people counter is battery-driven and DOES NOT NEED A POWER SUPPLY AT THE COUNTING POINT. The data is sent via radio to a LORAWAN GATEWAY. The range is several hundred meters. The counter is immediately ready after installation. From then on, you may comfortably track and analyze your visitors with the sensalytics portal or app.


High-precision people counting with laser technology

The laser sensor guarantees high-precision people counting by using LASER TIME-OF-LIGHT technology and is therefore totally INDEPENDANT OF LIGHT CONDITIONS. The sensor thus works absolutely reliably even in dark or very bright places. Due to the overhead mounting, people walking in in parallel are not a problem for the laser, which makes it possible to also USE IT FOR WIDE ENTRANCES.

Due to the laser time-of-light technology, the sensor is ANONYMOUS BY DESIGN and of course also 100% GDPR-compliant.


High-precision passer-by counter via laser

This sensor is perfect for counting visitors and passers-by in NEARLY EVERY OUTDOOR SITUATION. Walking direction are detected with special lasers.

The laser counts passers-by at widths up to 32m and can distinguish between children & adults.

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