Any place, any time
Access to your data

The sensalytics platform

Any place, any time Access to your data with web portal and mobile apps

The portal

Use the web portal for a detailed view into your data. All you need is a modern web browser. The web portal is independent of an operating system. That means you can use it on a PC or mac as well as on tablets like the iPad. No install required. The included rights management lets you define access rights for your employees.

The app

Wherever you are: The sensalytics app still gives you an overview even though you are not sitting at your desk. The app shows relevant and up to date data in a compact style. The app is currently available for Android and iOS.

Your benefits

  • Granularity down to minute basis

  • Compare time, date and location.

  • Cockpit for quick insights

  • Deeper analytics with dashboards

  • Design your own reports with the report designer

  • Subscribe reports or send reports automatically via eMail

  • Export to Excel, CSV and graphic.

  • Integration of external data (e.g. weather)

  • No installation required

  • Runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

  • Advanced rights management

  • Sensor Management

Our cockpits

Keep track of everything with predefined and intuitive cockpits.

Focus on the key figures

Cockpits are ideal for quick analysis or a quick look at the numbers in between. In the cockpit, the most important figures are presented in an appealing way. Here you can see in real time what is going on in your stores, how many visitors there currently are and how different locations are performing.

One cockpit for each purpose

Depending on which sensors you use, you will see different cockpits. An example: If you only use people counters, the cockpit “People Counting“ is your central cockpit. Here you can see utilization, current numbers and trends. If you also use the POS Tapping Box, you will see important figures in the “Conversion“ cockpit that combines visitors and sales and lets you keept track of the conversion rate.

Which store needs your attention?

In case you have several locations, you can see at a glance which branch performs best and which performs worst. Gain valuable insights and identify locations that need your attention.

Identify Hotspots inside your spaces

Take one step further with the zone analytics and compare the different areas within your premises. Find out at a glance which areas are the most frequented and in which your visitors stay the longest.

Analyse walking paths and visitor classes

Filter for specific visitor classes and let their paths and movement behavior be rendered as motion-heat maps very easily. See at a glance where for example buyers are and use this information for operational decisions.

The dashboard

Create custom report collections with your key metrics and analytics.

Your personal dashboard

While cockpits are mainly for a quick look, dashboards offer you a deeper look into the events in your locations. You can choose choose from a variety of existing reports and create your own reports to design your very own dashboard.

Global filtering for individual reporting

Filter all your reports in the dashboard at the same time: For example, if you select “Last week“ as the date filter, all reports in the dashboard automatically update accordingly. A meaningfully designed dashboard can therefore always be used individually through filter changes.

Choose from various chart types

Often the graphical representation of the data is more revealing than a purely tabular view. We offer a selection of different chart types. Should you not be satisfied with our automatic selection, you can comfortably customize chart type and axis assignment.

Work together as a team

Easily share dashboards with your colleagues and collaborate on your analysis. Our role concept allows you, as the creator of a dashboard, to specify which of your colleagues can edit and change the dashboard, and who only gets read access.

The report designer

Create specific reports coveringto your analytical needs using drag & drop.

Individual reports via drag & drop

The intuitive report designer allows you deeper and more specific analysis. Create your reports by selecting from the available metrics (for example, “Visits“ or “Total Revenue“) and attributes (for example, “Date“, “Time“ or “Location“) and drag & drop the corresponding items into the report.

Pivot, filter and sort

Combine different attributes to break down the data accordingly. For example, you can create a spreadsheet that shows you the number of visitors per day on an hourly basis for the past week. By setting filters, you reduce the data further without changing the structure of the result.

Create your individual charts

You have the choice between tabular and graphical representation of the data. By means of the integrated Diagram Designer, you can adjust the graphic display to your needs, should you do not like the automatic assignment of a chart type.

Store reports and share them with your colleagues

The report designer is not only suitable for one-time ad-hoc analysis, but also allows you to store and reuse reports. The built-in sharing feature also lets you share your reports with colleagues at any time. Specify individually which colleague will be able to edit the report and who may only view it.

Share your reports via e-mail

Share your reports via eMail with just a few mouse clicks. All you need to do is enter a recipient and the data export format (Excel or CSV) and your report is immediately sent. You can also define this procedure to be repeating, e.g. sending the daily figures every evening.


Get the most important key figures conveniently via e-mail.

Subscribe to your reports

You need to share reports with colleagues or clients? You want to get the daily numbers of your branch sent as Excel by e-mail every night? No problem: Set up a simple one Abonemments and let the data come as CSV or Excel by e-mail. You determine the schedule for the execitions individually.

Automated exports for further processing

Instead of sending e-mails, the data may also be uploaded to a (S)FTP server as a CSV or Excel file. Simply configure an appropriate endpoint, define your individual schedule for the executions, and sensalytics will do the rest. Alternatively, it is also possivle to specify an HTTP endpoint where the data will be sent to on execution.

Automatic notifications

Define any threshold values for all your locations that you would like to be notified about automatically. Use this service to improve service quality and customer satisfaction and to recognize critical fill levels early. You get the notifications in real time conveniently on your smartphone.

Other features

But there's more: Take advantage of our ever-expanding platform features.

Administer and extend your data

With manual data maintenance, you can enrich the sensor data with numbers from other systems, such as the sales figures of the day from your POS system. These numbers will then be immediately available for your analysis - along with the sensor-based data. In addition, you can use the data maintenance to subsequently correct your visitor numbers in order to react to specific incidents.

Cluster your stores and setup benchmarks

By clustering, locations can be grouped by using simple tags, such as “downtown location“ or “Baden-Württemberg“. Based on these clusters, benchmark stores can be created, which serve to classify the figures of comparable stores. A benchmark store reports average values across all stores of its cluster. The real stores can read off their individual performance.

Marketing campaigns and events

By default, the portal provides general context information such as weather data, school holidays or holidays. In addition, data maintenance can be used to enter “Out-of-Home“ campaign data and their runtimes. This information can be used in reporting, for example to analyze the effect of a hot day during the summer holidays or of a marketing campaign on the number of visitors.

The sensalytics app

Any place, any time Access to your data with web portal and mobile apps

All important figures handy and mobile

Keep sight wherever you are: the sensalytics app, available for Android-based smartphones, iPad and iPhone, gives you access to the most important figures and charts while your on the way.

Less is more: The app is designed to show you the relevant information handy and on first look.

Always up to date

The mobile app utilizes the near-real-time ability of the system perfectly. Check the course of visitors during an event live while your on site.

sensalytics on iPad

sensalytics for iPad makes all features of the web portal accessible on your tablet. This makes mobile retail analytics a joy.

Versatile Sensor Portfolio

Our sensor portfolio offers you the right technology to measure what's going on in your location

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