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People counting

Your foundation for strategic decisions

Thanks to the combination of an exceptional sensor portfolio and an extremely powerful analysis platform, sensalytics detects your passers-by and visitors as well as resulting turn-in rates with almost absolute accuracy. This will give you the funnel you need as a foundation for strategic decisions. Through our GDPR-compliant GENDER CLASSIFICATION, you are able to analyse your target group even better.

Path Analytics

We turn visitor paths into key figures

Path Analytics is our innovative way to track and classify visitors based on their individual WALKING PATTERNS. sensalytics uses high-precision 3D sensors to calculate the DWELL TIME and path of each individual visitor - accurate to the nearest centimeter and second. With just a few clicks you can define your CUSTOMER GROUPS and analyze the dwell time, number of visitors and CROSS-ZONE FUNNELS with dynamic MOTION-HEAT MAPS.

Revenue tracking

Revenue and conversion rate via “Plug & Play“

With the POS TAPPING BOX, sensalytics has solved one of the biggest challenges in the area of Retail Analytics: to record revenue data in time & budget and to be able to combine it with “out-of-the-box“ with people counting data. The box seizes all RECEIPTS in the normal printing process, without disturbing it. For the cash register area, no structural changes or adjustments are required. Cash to box. Box to printer: From now on, the POS Tapping Box delivers STRUCTURED REVENUE DATA in real-time. This allows analyzing various information such as TOP SELLERS, AVERAGE RECEIPT AND CONVERSION RATE.

Occupancy Management

Keep track of things in real-time

Since sensalytics works in REAL-TIME, you have full control over the OCCUPANCY of your spaces (showrooms, shop-in-shop rooms, but also event rooms) at all times. This enables you to always react in time. Therefore, sensalytics informs you without delay via WEB SERVICE, E-MAIL OR SMS. Notify your guests about the fill level, to prevent unnecessary delays and dissatisfaction. The API allows you to integrate the data into APPS, INTRANET AND WEBSITES.

Existing SIGNAL AND AUDIO SYSTEMS can also be controlled. Use already established systems on site and inform your employees about announcements on their headsets or display information about the current level with an indicator light.

Managed Cleaning

Keep track of things in real-time

State-of-the-art sensors and a REAL-TIME analytics platform make CLEANING ON-DEMAND of sanitary facilities a walk-over. Our smart 3D sensors continuously transmit visitor numbers of your sanitary rooms to our platform where they are monitored in real-time. As a facility manager, sensalytics will INFORM YOU or your cleaning team, whenever a sanitary room need to be cleaned. This allows you to ideally MANAGE YOUR PERSONNEL DEPLOYMENT and use resources intelligently. Use additional beacons to exactly track cleaning times and get a DIGITAL CLEANING BOARD.

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